Intercom systems

„Сенел Груп“ ЕООД извършва доставка и монтаж на аудио и видео домофонни системи.

“Senel Group” Ltd. provides delivery and installation of audio and video intercom systems.

Intercom systems are designed to create conversation or video links between the residents and visitors of a building. In addition, they allow you to control and access of people in it, by remotely opening the door.

Each intercom system consists of a few basic knots:

entrance intercom panel;
and switching power supply unit (intercom station);
individual (storey apartment) intercom apparatus.
intercom station
Electromagnetic strike – option
In practice there and operated various types of intercom systems. Depending on the selected benchmark among them differ:

One House and The Multiple intercom systems;
audio and / or video intercom systems;
with integrated system kontorl access chips / cards;
analog and digital intercom systems;
two-wire and four-wire (3 + 1), audio intercom systems.


Schematic diagram to connect the intercom